Sunday, 20 March 2011

Drawing the west end of the village

The David Tress work which I referred to in my previous post really got me thinking. I was very taken by his unusual viewpoint, and he inspired me to interpret the idea of gazing through fences and undergrowth to the key feature. I have been working on sketches and prints...

"the far stile"
graphite on paper

...this drawing is the most resolved piece so far. I was interested in how as an artist we can be very inspired by others work and yet when we come to do our own interpretations the end result can be quite different, truly an interpretation.
I like to draw before I make a print, and at the moment I don't think I will achieve more by taking this into print. The darkness of the trees behind the grasses adds some drama, and the path provides texture - two elements that I usually look to find by etching - usually through 'accidental' mark making. This image feels settled where it is at the moment.

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