Thursday, 28 May 2015

Re-purposed prints

I've been having a sort out; loads (and I mean loads!) of old prints. What to do with them?

I've got a great book about Barbara Rae's printmaking. In it, she describes cutting up old/experimental prints and collaging them back together to create new ideas.

A bit of mono-screenprint helped to kick start things,

cutting and experimenting,

playing with wash backgrounds... and discarding elements, cutting up more prints...

'Spring Woodland' 30x30cm, intaglio and screenprint collage

...and then this woodland fell into place.

Wotton Gallery had an open submission exhibition coming up and I sent this off. How lovely to now hear its going to be included in their 30x30 Exhbition, opening very soon.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Open gardens

Avening village had an open gardens afternoon on Sunday - what a treat it was to see the beautiful spaces people create - some of them gave Chelsea a run for its money...

Always a privilege to see the gardens at Avening Court opened for the day...

Time to wander home after the enjoying the shady wisteria at the Highwayman's cottage.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

a minor gale and a sketchbook

Last weekend I left the house in some very undecided weather conditions - black clouds against blue skies and a gusty breeze. As I got to my drawing spot the breeze had turned into a horizontal gale accompanied by very brisk drizzle.
I sheltered under a tree and the dog huddled by the wall and I promised him I would do a quick sketch.

A few minutes later - Its intriguing just how much weather conditions can affect drawing. I have to admit that I didn't purposely draw all of these marks. The minor gale did its work in lifting and buffeting my sketchbook against my pencil.

The wind 'drew' some lovely free lines which descibed the view very well!

A mark-making treat, but I won't be wishing for more bad weather.