Sketchbook - The Shetland Islands 2016

August 2016 Artist in residence - The Shetland Islands

This quick sketch section were all drawn from a moving boat

Heart shaped natural arch, near the Bressay lighthouse

Quick sketch 1 - The giants leg, Bressay

Quick sketch 2 - an even quicker giants leg arch, Bressay

Quick sketch 3 - Coastline, Bressay

Quick sketch 4 - Coastline, Noss

En plein air sketches
Fugla Ness Aug 17th

Quick sketch - West Burra

West Burra surging seas

West Burra rocks

from Symbister towards Black Stacks

Fugla Ness

Fugla Ness from Hamnavoe

Quick sketch - coastline, Pund Voe

Hevda, St Ninians Isle

Coar Holm from St Ninians Isle

St Ninians dramatic rocks

Meal Beach rocks

Voe of Sound, winds gusting to 55mph

I'm finding that I like the dramatic rock formations...

Dore Holm from Stenness

detail - Dore Holm from Stenness


North from West Burra

view from West Burra

August 2016 Artist in residence at The Booth, Scalloway

The Booth, accommodation above, studio below

Tentative starting points, getting a feel for the place

Siggar Ness from Sumburgh Head

St Ninians - Coar Holm

St Ninians - rocks at High Herbi Clett

St Ninians Isle from the beach tombolo

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