Monday, 26 October 2015

20:20 time!

I've been preparing my plate for the great 20:20 print exchange organised by the lovely people at Hot Bed Press.

This year I decided to try a slight variation on the sort of image I often make - I've gone for a more open view. Those who know my work well will hardly see any difference but, for me, it is moving forward.

I always start with sketches, drawn on location 10 mins walk from my village

First a quickie, then one to firm up some details and tone

The first etch, - hard ground line, allowed me to get a fairly accurate drawing

The next etch - open bite through thinned stop out, is all about tone....

Not bad, I've got some structure as well, but its going to need a softer use of tone to create distance and properly describe the foreground. I'll want some atmosphere too, a lot to ask of a small 10 x10cm plate, but a good chance to explore new ground.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Countryside sketchbook update

I've begun scanning and up loading some sketches from earlier this year, good memories of the weather turning warmer...

... a taste of 4 new sketches on the Countryside page.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thank you RWA...

...for this fab photo on both their facebook and twitter pages which shows my print in the background.
Image can be seen @GemmaRWA

Other images are drawings by Debbie Locke and Fiona Robinson. The visitor is looking at a great etching by Ian Chamberlain.

Coast update

Lots more coastal sketches on my 'Sketchbook -Coast' page from Cornwall and a few from Pembrokeshire.

A taster...

Sunday, 4 October 2015

RWA 163 Annual Open Exhbition

I was delighted to see my print 'Weathered and worn' on the walls of the 163 Annual Open Exhibition at the RWA in Bristol.

Its a treat to be part of this prestigious exhibition and to be hung in the print and drawing room, so beautifully put together by artist and writer Fiona Robinson.
I was felt very proud to be shown on the same wall space as the intriguing drawing machine work by Debbie Locke, below:

Debbie's piece is called 'Retracing steps', and my piece was set in Steps Lane, the selectors didn't kow this from my title but its a delicious co-incidence.

RWA 163 Annual Open Exhbition Opens October 4th - November 29th.
Royal West of England Academy, Queens Road, Bristol, BS81PX