Sunday, 25 March 2012

Developing drawing into print

A couple of posts ago I showed the development towards the drawing, 'In between path, the far end'. These drawings, translated into etching, are intended to be part of a series of four, from which the best three will form one half of my MA final show. Intentions are good, but I may not have time to make all four!

This drawing is the second view of the path - a mid point:

'In between path, mid point' graphite
and has formed the plan for a new etching. The image below is a sneaky preview. The first two stages of etching done I decided to try a monoprint on the plate to see how the shadows would work with the etched image so far:

etching and monoprint
Its an intriguing image, which will help me to decide what to do next. I'm enjoying the ability to experiment with images at different stages in the print room. There is a freedom in it. With drawing I feel more closely bound to the truth within the image in front of me, in the print room the image can mutate through many different states.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Oak shadow

Westonbirt Arboretum remains a very strong inspiration as the year progresses. I have loved studying, sketching and photographing the trees while their branches are bare. I now have hundreds of photos and a fair few sketches to keep me going as the buds burst and the leaves start to appear.
These are the development stages of a new print which has been keeping me busy while the bigger projects get going.

The first layer of resist is splashed
across the surface of the plate

Sugar lift and dry brushed stop out
gives the shape of the trees

A thinned application of stop out
creates some shadows and depth

Burnishing creates more contrast and provides
a lighter toned 'pathway' leading through the image

'Oak shadow' 20 x 10cm
The shadow has been reworked to create a softer shape
and this etching is, I think, finished
I used to hate the idea of burnishing, but now I love the flexibility it gives.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Progress of woodland drawing

Work is well underway for my MA show final pieces. This post will give a sneaky preview of subject matter and some of the process. I draw out my images before I etch them, here is some of the planning so far for the first piece:

Sketchbook work on location
One of the many, many photos that enable me to work back in the studio

A discarded starting point

A second start, photocopied part way into the drawing

The image resolved
'In between path, the far end'
70 x 35cm
 Just need to do the etching now, and that will take a while...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

'trio of trees'

I have a few major projects on the go that are going to take some weeks to be finished enough for the blog, but while big etching plates and drawings are taking their time I try ideas out on a smaller scale. This one came together very quickly.

Another woodland print of a trio of trees, which started with a base structure of lines inspired by printmaker Michael Goro.

lines drawn through hard ground, some stopping out
trees added through sugar lift and dry brushed stop out,
the atmosphere created with spit bite
I'm going to leave this print at this stage. It can be so easy to overwork an image, I think I caught this one at the right moment.