Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cornish sketchbook - Rock structures

When I am on the coast I am drawn mostly to the rocks, the intricate ways in which the sea worn stone fits together and the way that the stone forms shapes against and within the cliff faces.

When I went to Cornwall this time I had just read a snippet about
deciding what you want to draw before you start.
It sounds so obvious, but deciding that the seam in the rock leading to this little 'cave'
was what I wanted to focus on let me concentrate on the key forms without adding too
much unnecessary detail and shading.

All these sketches were made on Kennack Sands, where the dog was allowed...

Sometimes its easier to settle to a drawing if you're comfortable,
a chair does mean you can get your angle right,
and there is somewhere to hang your coat in the changeable August weather!
I wonder if makers of this chair realise that their drink holder
 on the arm makes a perfect artists pencil holder...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cornish sketchbook - Headlands

Our Cornish summer visit took us to the Lizard Peninsula, a lovely area, a lot quieter than much of Cornwall, and excellent drawing potential. I kept up the sketch a day ambition, and only lost one day when we were travelling.

This is a series of the sketches looking out towards headlands...

Chynhallis Point, from Coverack

Looking back to Chynhallis Point, from the west

Kennack Bay, drawn very quickly with waves crashing into the sea wall where I sat
I like the speedy nature of the marks which gave greater accuracy

From Kynance Cove, looking towards the Lizard

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tremenheere sculpture gardens

We've been away for a couple of lovely weeks in Cornwall - pretty good weather and wonderful scenery...particularly at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens (near Gulval, Penzance).  These gardens are open to the public at weekends but are still in the development stages. Only 4 other visitors were there when we visited, in August! - Bliss.

However - a swish visitor centre is being built, so visit soon if you want to see a treat in the making.

the woodland walk up to the high ground

View of St Michael's Mount from the entrance to
the James Turrell skyspace at the top of the gardens
View to the sky from the beautiful oval of the Turrell skyspace

The David Nash sculpture is hidden away but worth the search