Sunday, 29 April 2012

Larch trees, Westonbirt

I've been working on a drawing of some Larch trees drawn on wood from the same trees and I've been wondering how to post the results. Then I read Gail Brodholt's recent post and thought how nice it was to see some progress in a piece and to see where it came from:

Capturing the strong shadows

2 photos, taken on different days, layered and with some erasing

The piece of larch, sanded ready to be primed
It seems a crying shame to cover up that grain doesn't it - it may re-appear

Primed, early stage of drawing

Starting to work into the shadows

The frst finish of the drawing. I have other plans for this piece,
but this is to all intents at a finished stage.
I like how some of the grain still shows through, and the bark
either side of the wood creates an interesting frame.

As part of this set of work I have been asking people about their feelings about walking in woodland, why are people drawn to trees, what is their magic? Responses have ranged from benefitting from the increased oxygen levels to feeling that the trees soothe the stresses of everday life.
I would be really pleased and interested to hear any of your feelings of walking among trees...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mary Gillett's workshop - a change of scene

With deadlines looming and time fast running out on the MA, I emailed Mary Gillett, a friend who runs an excellent print workshop in Devon, and I have spent a week working with her in her purpose built facilities. Mary runs a well organised, friendly and welcoming workshop, and offers a wide range of skills, specialising in etching. Futher details of her printmaking workshops and classes can be found on this link

The facilities are spacious and as I had the space to myself it felt luxurious. Mary is very experienced as a teacher, is an accomplished artist herself  (do look at the gallery pages on the link) and was very helpful througout the week.

Now I can finally show a couple of previews of the big final project, and provide some proof that the work is actually getting done.

Thank you Mary for providing the opportunity for such a focused and productive week.

There is a couple of weeks now while the University is closed where I will have to let this stage of the prints settle. So I'm back to my drawing board, I've got an interseting piece of Larch wood to draw on...