Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cornish sketchbook - Rock structures

When I am on the coast I am drawn mostly to the rocks, the intricate ways in which the sea worn stone fits together and the way that the stone forms shapes against and within the cliff faces.

When I went to Cornwall this time I had just read a snippet about
deciding what you want to draw before you start.
It sounds so obvious, but deciding that the seam in the rock leading to this little 'cave'
was what I wanted to focus on let me concentrate on the key forms without adding too
much unnecessary detail and shading.

All these sketches were made on Kennack Sands, where the dog was allowed...

Sometimes its easier to settle to a drawing if you're comfortable,
a chair does mean you can get your angle right,
and there is somewhere to hang your coat in the changeable August weather!
I wonder if makers of this chair realise that their drink holder
 on the arm makes a perfect artists pencil holder...


Patricia G said...

Beautifully composed sketches. Great use of perspective.

Printed Material said...

Why is it that the word 'sketch' sounds like something done quickly and only in part? These have the detail that must have come with close observation and look anything but 'sketches'. Looks like you loved doing these Wendy and they are fabulous. Just pencil? Or charcoal too?

Wendy Rhodes said...

I did love doing these, and looking back at them I think I can see that I was quite relaxed at the time. Just pencil on these, but water soluble pencil in part... worth playing with these if you haven't tried them yet.