Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Cornish Sketchbook

I have been to Cornwall for a few days, and enjoyed fantastic weather. There were inspiring views along the coast and many good opportunities to get the sketchbook out. 

From Treyarnon Bay to Trevose Head

Towards Constantine Bay

Booby’s Bay, near Trevose Head was a treasure trove of fascinating rock formations.

In a sheltered corner, Booby's Bay

The sketchbook combined with photos has given me new food for thought, and sources for inspiration.

There will definitely be new drawings, and maybe some etchings...


Jennifer Tetlow said...

Your sketches are wonderful and it is very interesting to see the sketch in-situ with the view.

Carrie said...

Great drawings. These really bring back some memories as I worked at Treglos Hotel at Constantine Bay when I first left home. The North Cornwall coast is stunning.

gardenartist said...

Lovely lines Wendy..!and Cornwall is magic especially in the lovely weather.