Monday, 21 February 2011

Roundabout Lane Series

'rain washed sediment'
etching 70 x 25cm

This is the first etching in my new series of work
inspired by a footpath which we walk with our Border Collie.
The path is an interesting walk which takes us up out of the village of Avening
and onto a higher Costwold landscape. The land is farmed and the
lane is used by farmers who raise their cattle in some of the lower fields
and grow crops on the higher flatter land. Sharing these less well known
walks is a strong motivating factor for me in making this work.

This plate was a turning point for me, allowing
me to play with a whole new set of techniques.
I was really pleased with the result and went on
to create two more plates that complete a triptych.

'ground softens beneath my boot'
etching 25 x 70cm

The first image was close to the beginning of the walk,
in a steep uphill section.This is a central stage.
There is a stone stile to the left of the image
which gives the walker a choice at this point.
I followed the lane onwards to the final section below.

 'tyre chewed puddles'
etching 70 x 25cm

The landscape opens up and changes all along this
walk which provided an interesting set of challenges,
both in drawing these images and in translating
those images into etching.

Having made this dramatic turn in my work I decided
to make a completely new start with this blog and
some exhibiting events which I will let you know
about in the near future. I hope you will also enjoy my work.

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Sue Brown said...

Welcome to blog land, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. XX