Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More from a Cornish sketchbook

While I sat on the beach watching the dog pull as much seaweed out of the rockpools as possible, I became more and more intriguid by the dramatic rock formations and the beautiful canyon like spaces they created with pools of water running through them.

The drawings are done with my travelling kit of water soluble pencils, of quite soft grades, and Aqua pens - the sort where you fill the handle of the pen with water. Indispensible.
The water soluble pencils allow a good dark wash of tone which allows for heightened contrast to be captured. They also then don't smudge, or transfer, as much as ordinary pencils when you work on the reverse of the page.

The light was very bright on most days this year so looking for shadows and the contrast of one rock to the other became a focus.
It was interesting to use this landscape book in the portrait position. It was equally easy to work on and the hard back cover supported the pages well.
Before we left Cornwall we dropped in to see a gallery called 'The Padstow Studio', and was amazed by the stunning paintings of sea caves and coastal rocks by Sarah Adams. You can see her work at any of the following links: 
Do have a look. I am glad I hadn't seen her work before I made my rock drawings otherwise I would have felt daunted, they are truly inspiring.

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