Sunday, 18 September 2011

Drawing Little Lane - enjoying the mark making

Following on from my large and very enjoyable drawing, 'Kefalonia' I was keen to experiment further with mark making, and to make work which was as much about the marks as the image.
Off I went with the dog to a favourite spot and I took some photos and made some sketches:

These are the two images I used most of the time in making the drawings. I focused on the sketch, looking at a cropped section down the centre of the page, selecting the most descriptive hoizontal marks, allowing the vertical marks to have more meaning in the further distance. I then scaled up this sketch to two sheets of paper 76 x 28cm.
These are the resulting drawings, one a little more representational than the other:
Little lane 1

Little lane 2

If you look carefully you will see that I have collaged some cut up etchings into these to emphasise the sectioned quality of the image and to make good use of existing markmaking.

The first drawing is an attempt to push the boundaries of my drawing, and to enjoy making intriguing graphite marks and textures. The second drawing is about pushing things further, and having made the first one I felt less of a slave to the original image.
Here are some of the marks and textured areas I most enjoyed working on. That was the best thing about this work, I really enjoyed the process:

I'm going to go back to an unfinished drawing now, and see what the experience of these pieces has given me.

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