Saturday, 28 September 2013

Inside my sketchbook - free to invent

Over the summer I have revisited places that I know really well and I have drawn and redrawn them a number of times. Sometimes this is quite meditative, its usually relaxing, and often provides surprisingly varied results.

 By standing in a different place, or drawing at a different time of the day the place can appear quite different.

Taking a different starting point or looking at the place with a different focus can also lead to an interesting drawing.

I had pondered on this process, and then heard a talk given at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath on Henry Moore. The speaker quoted Moore:

"The vital thing for an artist is to have a subject that allows him to try out all kinds of formal ideas - things that he doesn't yet know about for certain but wants to experiment with ... within the subject that you've done a dozen times before you are free to invent a completely new form or idea."

What a wonderful justification, and how true. I can now enjoy going back to certain places time after time knowing that when I am there I am 'free to invent'


Coreopsis said...

That is actually a wonderful I wouldn't have thought of.....using a familiar familiar subject to free you up for other concerns.

These are lovely sketches, by the way. I am here via Sue Brown's printmaking website, in case you wondered....

Wendy Rhodes said...

Thank you, Coreopsis, lovely to meet you, and interesting to know how you came across me. Sue does have a brilliant blog, and beautiful work.