Saturday, 29 October 2011

On Show - RWA 159

Two etchings have been selected for this years RWA Open exhibition - '159' in Bristol. Its been very exciting as this is the first time I have entered.

The two prints are shown below, hung together.

This shows the wall on which the prints were displayed in the print and drawing room. There was such lovely work to look at and to be hung alongside.

Several chums also had work exhibited, among them were these...

Sue Brown's Raven was hung very nicely with a work by another artist local to me, Kerry Phippen's reindeer...

and James MiIroy's complex painting of the Royal Academician's was getting a lot of attention.

I was really taken by this gorgeous little painting by Laurie Steen. I don't know Laurie but her work is beautiful, tranquil and achieved with the wonderful sense of knowing when enough is enough.

The whole exhibition is a treat, there is a lot of very good and very interesting work, something for everyone.
RWA 159 runs from 30th October until 31st December.

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Printed Material said...

Trying to think of an excuse to get to Bristol to see this one. They can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with the amount of work on show but it is a great space and it looks like an intriguing selection. Congratulations for getting selected Wendy - no mean feat I think. Well done. Hope you get some good feedback for future work.