Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Haptic Etchings

Over the last few weeks I have been finally putting together a large-ish project which is destined for a postgraduate exchange exhibition with the Bergen Art College (Kunsthogskolen i Bergen), Norway. The exhbibition has been co-ordinated by ACiD (Adavnced Centre in Drawing) at UWE. The theme for the exhibition has been 'Bi-Sensual'.

To fulfil the brief I have explored a number of haptic experiences when out on my walks, paying particular attention to one path. I was keen to draw an image of the common sensations that are linked to the fabric of that walk, not to the weather conditions. I recorded these sensations in my sketchbook and then translated them into etchings. A subtitle to these prints could be 'Things that happen to me on a walk'. The etchings have enabled me to further explore experimental mark making.

These etchings will be shown alongside a large scale drawing of the place. (I'll explain the drawing on the next post)

'leaf falls against face'

'hair catches in a branch'

'twig brushes against sleeve'

'foot turns over on a stone'

'step slips in mud'

I am hoping that the tactile appearance of an etching will help to underline the haptic nature of the prints.
My Bi-Sensual piece will therefore be an image of the place and the tactile sensations of being in the place.

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Printed Material said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post Wendy I was intrigued. After reading it I now have to find out more about 'haptic' expereinces to make sure I have understood it well. Even without complete understanding I love the marks and their meanings. Very subtle marks which I like a lot. It will be fascinating to see the interpretations of other participants too. Looking forward to the next post already.