Sunday, 26 February 2012

The wood, on wood, from the wood

Inspired by the work of Laurie Steen I gessoed a piece of wood I had left over from my lasercutting experiments and got the graphite out...

During these days of low winter sun I have been taking lots of photographs at Westonbirt Arboretum. The starkness of the tree shapes and the undulating shadows are exquisite.
The piece of wood I have drawn on is sourced from the Arboretum; there is a satisfying connection in working on material from the place being described.

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Printed Material said...

I've just had a close up look at this image Wendy and cannot tell whether you have blended the graphite or just been wonderfully subtle at building up layer upon layer of colour. Is it the chalky gesso that gives it that ethereal, shadowy look or does the grain of the base wood have a part to play? The marks are stunning especially around the tracery of branches at the crown of the trees... and you've given me another artist to find out about. Off to look up Laurie's images.