Sunday, 10 June 2012

MA Print 2012 at UWE

The show is up and the public have been flooding in:

At times it has been difficult to see the work easily...

...a couple of friendly punters, known very well to me, who were kind enough to have a closer look at my work.

My MA show, 'a walk through the wood' seen earlier in the day when it was possible to see 'the wood for the trees'!

The final series of etchings, hanging in sequence left to right, taking the viewer on a walk up a side path in Westonbirt Arboretum. The black labels underneath describe other sensations heard or felt in the area along the walk.

The final series of drawings hanging beside the etchings shows the specimen trees in the vicinity of the path. Listening to comments over the past couple of days the drawings seem to be stealing the show over the prints, with people trying to decide which is thier favourite tree... I'll definitely be pursuing this style of work further.

Selected work from other Print Artists in the MA class of 2012:

John Lynch

Sue Brown

Sarah Barnes

Theo Wood

Jane Sasanow
The degree Shows run until 8pm on Thursday, see you there...!


Sue Brown said...

Your work looks great and it's been great to share the course with's to the future. XX

Printed Material said...

Came up to see it today Wendy and your work stood out in the crowd. Some of the marks on the wood and the etchings are just beautiful.Well done, the works is fabulous. I hear you and Sue both want a sand blaster now!I wonder which one of you will get their first?