Thursday, 5 November 2015

20:20 hot off the press

I left this print needing more tonal variety. The last stage was therefore a spit bite aquatint. I stopped out with all the usual varnishes but also used a chinagraph pencil in the bottom left corner to add the suggestion of tractor tyre marks, below

One quite well organised (for me) day later and I had the edition printed. Pre-soaking paper makes the world of difference on editioning days.

Multiple happiness - all 25 prints plus a few to ensure consistency

Signed, numbered and ready to be packed off to the lovely people at Hot Bed Press in Salford

'Tug of war' etching, 10 x 10cm on 20 x 20cm paper

The final print - The title had always been there, not a tug between the telegraph poles, nor a remembrance of a war zone. Not even a farmers battle with current economic pressures - although all these interpretations are quite satisfying - but, more prosaically, I was talking to my brother on the phone while I did the original sketch. He told me about winning a tug of war competition - I always think of that when I look at this sketch. I'll leave it up to you which interpretation you want to go with...


jac said...

I pick up my set of prints from hot bed press on Friday. After reading this I'm hoping to find one of yours in my box

Wendy Rhodes said...

Thank you Jac for your kind words. I have my lovely box of prints, will post some photos of them soon. ts a lovely project to be part of. x

Charlton Stitcher said...

Whatever the interpretation, it's lovely.
I've very much enjoyed your blog over the year. Perhaps in 2016 I will manage to get to one of your exhibitions and see your work in person. I really hope so. Everything conspired against me this year.
Happy holidays! Margaret