Sunday, 10 February 2013

Streaming Path

Having looked at this drawing the white un-drawn areas down the right hand side worried me. I agree with the premise of allowing the viewer into the image by leaving some areas unresolved, but this can be achieved with dark as well as light and there seemed to be no good reason for this image to have light areas.

That's better, the darker ground frames the running water. I've also started working some detail into the water, as far as the first main twist back in the course of the flow. I tried working back further but its too visually complicated.

Its difficult to see in these pictures, but there is quite a lot of change in strength of tone in the water ripples and the land to the left of the water.
I am so pleased with the strength of the dark on the left, it stops the viewer getting tied up looking at tree trunks and concentrates attention on the water.

Streaming Path
70 x 35cm Nitram Charcoal

Finishing this one (please excuse the bulldog clip in the photo!) has required subtle balances of tone, adding in and taking out detail - a gentle exchange.

There's still a lot of water around!

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