Sunday, 17 March 2013

a little breakthrough

A new bit of copper and a relaxed approach.

I scratched the plate a bit before I started, so it wasn't perfect, then looked at the scratches and used the plate the way they dictated. It felt fun putting the stop out down because I already had some marks. When I printed the plate I had a little bit of a eureka moment! The marks had freedom, movement and surface... all the stuff I constantly strive for, but usually overwork.

So the next stages were a mixture of trying to keep a light touch, not overworking things, but also maintaining the freedom in the mark making...

hard ground line

'Brisk'  20 x 10cm

A few people have seen this print and they all have their own interpretation of where the track is, the type of weather and how it feels to be there - I love that about these types of images, there's an ambiguity which allows the viewer to make it their own.
Now to maintain this approach, that's always the hard part.


Sue Brown said...

Don't you just love those accidental moments that send you off on an interesting journey? This image is looking exciting. XX

Printed Material said...

Beautiful marks Wendy, proving your point that the best things can sometimes appear when we don't overthink them. Good luck with maintaining the spontaneity.