Monday, 6 May 2013

Mini Print is open!

Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative launched the 'Printmakers Gallery' officially on Friday evening with the start of the Mini Print exhibition.

The Printmakers Gallery is up the steps, on the same floor as the screenprinting area,
downstairs are the etching and relief printing areas.

The banners are out the prints are dry and framed.

The gallery is a bright, white space which shows the work off really well
A fabulous selection of high quality work

and an eclectic mix of styles ... something for everyone ...

... my two little framed prints hanging on a section featuring monochrome work

If you're in the Gloucestershire area, we'd love to see you, and if you know anyone who may be interested , please pass this along. The gallery is open at weekends, throughout May.


Sue Brown said...

Looking good!!

Printed Material said...

Might combine seeing these with a Stroud Open Studios event visit. Would love to see some of them close up. Hope it is a success for all concerned.