Monday, 28 October 2013


Inspiration comes from a variety of sources - reading is a lovely supplement to the visual.
I received these two books as a birthday present, and have enjoyed thumbing through them over the summer.
Holloway is a treasure of a book, not least because of Stanley Donwood's beautiful drawings.
The Old Ways is full of Robert Macfarlane's beautiful prose describing his walking adventures and musings.
" Ahead of me lay more days on foot, and the path insinuating eastwards - in the old and innocent sense of the verb, from the Latin insinuare, 'to bend in subtle windings, to curve'."
Robert Macfarlane

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Printed Material said...

What lovely gifts to receive. I love the way he writes. It repays reading over and over. I sometimes write snippets of it down when it strikes a chord. In 'The Wild Places' he describes seeing ravens ...' and their sharp calls rang off the cliffs like ball bearings striking tin'.I just see the image so clearly. I am currently reading The Old Ways but like you, I like to dip in and read and then re-read, making it last as long as I can.