Thursday, 6 March 2014

A grand time

I've had some busy times in the print studio and new work is on its way.
Here's a print I made for the New Brewery Arts show (which closes this Saturday afternoon)
This image was taken from sketchbook studies made last summer.
Drawing in this place brings the trees on the left into prominence, they stand waiting to greet walkers as they pass by.

'Grand summer path'
completed etching

The path at this time of year opens up and loses character but in the summer the undergrowth and lush leafy branches frame the path and the feeling of walking along here is more like that of being in a grand hallway in a large building. The thickness of the leaf canopy make the view in the distance quite dark, but sunlight pours onto the path creating strong tonal contrasts.

An earlier proof was more like my sketchbook drawing, but was too insipid as a print, I wanted more drama - hence the stronger contrast.

'Grand summer path' mid point proof

The process is always an adventure - what will work the best? And what works well in one medium does not always translate to another

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