Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cornish tea time

We've had a lovely break in Cornwall, walking, watching, drinking tea, a bit of art and a bit of sketching.

From Constantine Bay

Drawing the above sketch, 'still need a woolly hat' weather
We really enjoyed visiting two galleries. Sarah Adams shows her work at the Padstow Studio and if you're lucky enough to catch her there you'll find her fascinating to talk to. Her work is stunning, there is such depth to the surface, the rocks she paints glow and glisten as though recently wet from the sea. We also loved the selection of work at the Veryan Gallery, particularly that of Robin Leonard. He paints highly evocative studies that verge on the abstract, but conjure clear impressions of the Cornish coastline.

On our last day we stopped for a cuppa at Melinsey Mill. I love my paths, but have never seen one adorned with Tea Pots before, whacky and delightfully charming.


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Charlton Stitcher said...

Lovely sketches both in this post and the one before - and those teapots are wonderful!
Longing for an upcoming visit to Scotland and time for sketching ...