Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sketchbook mark making - responsive marks

I am indebted to Beth Heaney for inspiring this post, if you pop over to her blog you'll find the post for 30 May, 'archeology of a mark', and you'll see what got me thinking.

I am fascinated by the individual marks made in drawing, particularly the marks that are made as a direct, felt response rather than the ones made very carefully in the name of accuracy. So often the 'felt' marks are more accurate in the long run!

All these marks were excavated from my plein air sketchbooks, small sections shown larger than the drawing and taken out of context.

Beth Heaney asked "What is contained in a mark?", and provided a lovely list, I liked her inclusion of the word 'damage' - it makes you think.  Here's my list:
Feeling, tension, expectation, description, surface, depth, layer, time, experience and I would also like to add an essence or trace of the maker of the mark.
I can see this list growing,
Thank you Beth.

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Sue Brown said...

I love the vigour of these marks, they will make the most fantastic etchings. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes. X