Sunday, 28 September 2014

20:20 edition day

With plate complete, paper torn down, and a variety of ink combinations tested I'm ready to go. The sketch I was working from was a quick plein air drawing completed on a summer afternoon when the grasses growing in the middle of the lanes had reached their tallest. My sketch had soft watery passages combined with linear work, kept quite minimal.

This crop from a proof was the key affect I hoped to achieve across the plate - a combination of  smudginess, expressive line and texture.

proof - cropped
Here we go then...
Inking up/Wiping
Hot off the press
'Aug 7th - grass tufted lane'
The final print measure 18x18cm on 20x20cm paper

So much for printing the edition on one day - who was I kidding, it took me two attempts to get it finished! Now all ready to be packed up and delivered now before it wings it way to Hot Bed Press. This link takes you to their website where you can read about the fab 20:20 print exchange.


Sue Brown said...

This looks such a spontaneous image, but as a printmaker I love seeing that spontaneity repeated as an edition. What a task to edition the lot in one go! Congratulations.

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love the wildness of this piece - beautifully alive!