Monday, 28 April 2014

Colour trials

I've bitten the bullet and continued my mini adventure into colour for the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative Mini print exhibition.

These two plates were top rolled with a colour I hoped would be reminiscent of fading leaves and filtered light.

The plate, below, was viscosity inked, a process whereby a loose consistency of ink is rolled over the plate followed by a stiffer consistency. The results can be unpredictable but often provide surprisingly interesting results.

...and here are two more variations on the one plate. Its fascinating to see how different inking and colouring techniques can make such a difference to an image. Everyone will have their own favourite, mine was the viscosity inked version above... I think...

Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative Mini Print exhibition runs from 3rd May - 1st June, weekends only.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Chine colle - natural dyes

This must be a bit of shock for those of you used to looking in on my blog... Colour!!, really...??
Its given me a few wobbles I can tell you, but nothing ventured and all that...
The reason for this sudden change of tack is Gloucestershire Print Co-op' Mini print show is coming up and last year it struck me that small prints often benefit from a splash of colour.
Chine colle seemed to a viable solution for me, I can't muck up the colour too much that way.

I tried painting tissue paper with watercolour, but that involved too many colour decisions. After a quick re-think I decided that as I was making images of the natural landscape I should really use natural dyes. The selection of papers above are beetroot, paprika, tea and turmeric.

The beetroot proved to be very strong, but when combined with other colours a bit of red added strength.

Controlling the density of the red became my prime focus. Turmeric proved to be a lovely sunny yellow tone, paprika was very weak.

This image with a strong wedge of earthy tea paper drew very positive comments.
Always good to see a multiple of mini prints.
Gloucestershire Print Co-operative Mini Print at
the Printmakers Gallery, 3rd May - 1st June, weekends only.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cornish tea time

We've had a lovely break in Cornwall, walking, watching, drinking tea, a bit of art and a bit of sketching.

From Constantine Bay

Drawing the above sketch, 'still need a woolly hat' weather
We really enjoyed visiting two galleries. Sarah Adams shows her work at the Padstow Studio and if you're lucky enough to catch her there you'll find her fascinating to talk to. Her work is stunning, there is such depth to the surface, the rocks she paints glow and glisten as though recently wet from the sea. We also loved the selection of work at the Veryan Gallery, particularly that of Robin Leonard. He paints highly evocative studies that verge on the abstract, but conjure clear impressions of the Cornish coastline.

On our last day we stopped for a cuppa at Melinsey Mill. I love my paths, but have never seen one adorned with Tea Pots before, whacky and delightfully charming.