Sunday, 11 January 2015

Printing squarely - first proof

I stuck with my square format for one more print and found that it is a satisfying shape to work on. I can see a much larger square print 'thing' developing later this year.

My sketchbooks are square, I like the shape and they're easy to hold. This last few prints have been a fascinating direct translation from sketchbook to plate. This sketch follows a similar composition to the previous print, so maybe the two pieces will work well as a pair...

Oct 5th 5.15pm - warm. Mountain bike family whir and shake
My caption on my sketch refers to the noise and movement of the family of mountain bikers as they variously whirred or shook as they passed me, depending on the route they took over the ground, some shaking more than others! The captions I write when I make the sketch are really important to me, they take me back to the moment; feeling the light and sensing the experience of being there, wherever it was. They won't always make sense to other people but perhaps they allow people to identify with what I'm doing.

First proof - stop out
The first etching stage puts most of the tone in, if I'm lucky. My luck held on this one, I got most of the structure. The leading lines of the lane already draws the focus to the distance.
But... not enough fullness to the mass of tree and hedge, and I want more texture on the path. Another coat of stop out is required.
Back to the print room!

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