Sunday, 8 March 2015

Notes for an exhibition

Recently I've been spending quite a lot of time on my biggest print to date, getting it ready for the Wotton Gallery show.
The print I was about to make was to be 66cm x 44cm - the preparation needed to be thorough to make sure I wasn't going to spoil the wonderful expanse of copper and it all started with drawing.
I find it useful to make notes when I am out and about making preparation drawings. I've turned my most recent jottings into a bit of creative writing (I call them word walks) that will be shown beside the big print. Here are my notes shown with the sketch created at the time. It helped me remember what I saw and felt when I was in the place that inspired me and I hope it gives an insight into the creative process for the viewer.

top of the lane, clear blue skies
   hard ground; quite a frost
     ice on the puddles
      dog claws scratching on the surface of the earth
          what am I going to be looking for today?
             process - surface rather than the view
           the way place is made / making the surface of the plate
                                  surface more worn as winter moves on
                              rain washed gravel - channel of gravel
                      I’ve decided to stop and draw here  
                          hands are starting to get cold, nose is freezing
        hat and glove day
                               surface damage - ankles twisting against the lane
                                                         surface shapes stretch across
                                                        a drawn swoosh where water drains
                                                           drawing following tyre tracks
                                            descriptive marks - quicker, and looser
                                           slope up or down or across, tilts, falls away
                                             dark across the middle, working the graphite
                                               sharp little points - precise detail and distance
                                                       pencil is quicker than my brain
                                        dog reminds me of the time - give him a biscuit
               dark - with the direction of winter sun, making a deep mark
                                                         snakes down
                                        line drawing now – mostly tonal before
                                   contouring the channels that the water has cut
   gouge into the paper - stone and harder edges, frozen frosted earth
                                                    water damage, weather and wear
                                                  - ends of fingers starting to ache
                                                                        time to go home
                                    let’s call this sketch ‘water damage/frosted’

The final print and words are shown together at Wotton Gallery, exhibition open for one more week. 

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