Sunday, 20 March 2016

Drawn to print

Over the last month or so I have had the enormous pleasure of curating 'Drawn to print' at the Printmakers Gallery, Griffin Mill, Stroud. This light and airy gallery is a small but lovely space housed on the premises of Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative

While we were hanging we were sustained by coffee and cake. Many thanks to Lucy Guenot for all her hard work and brilliant support.

We had beautiful, excellent quality work to hang; the printmaking community are a very generous group of lovely people.

Large scale etchings from Ros Ford RWA and Ian Chamberlain ARE

Etching and sketchbook by Jason Hicklin RE

Dramatic print by Emma Stibbon RA

Andy Lovell's gorgeous sketchbook
Smaller works by Jane Walker, Meg Buick ARE, Catherine Greenwood and Terence Millington

...and my contribution

The exhibition aims to show how drawing supports printmaking. Its been fascinating to see  such diverse approaches to drawing - glimpses inside the artists thinking.
'Drawn to print' is open until 30th March, open Mon, Tues and Thurs mornings and all day Saturday.

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Phil Johnson said...

I really enjoyed this exhibition, so brilliantly curated by Wendy. I love the way the prints inform the sketches and the sketches inform the prints.
I liked Ros Ford's annotated proof print for her piece "Shelter, Sparke Evans Park.

Its been a real source of inspiration for me as I commence the final leg of my MA journey

thanks Wendy