Saturday, 27 August 2016

Shetland Island residency - all at sea!

A boat trip around the island of Bressay and on the spectacular cliffs and gannet colonies on Noss was a treat we saved until this week.

Drawing on a boat brings its own challenges, the boat is never still...

even when moored inside a cave...

a view from inside the Orkneyman's cave to the open sea beyond

but the speed of drawing brings new life to sketches of dramatic rock structures.

The giants leg, Bressay

It was wonderful to get so close to the wildlife, the gannets and bonxies put on a good show and the seals (encouraged by some generous fishermen) were entertaining.

Charlie - the enormous fisherman's favourite

More sketches on the Shetland Islands sketchbook page...

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Charlton Stitcher said...

These are lovely ... so lively and reminiscent of the place and its rocky coast. I've enjoyed them all.