Sunday, 11 March 2012

Progress of woodland drawing

Work is well underway for my MA show final pieces. This post will give a sneaky preview of subject matter and some of the process. I draw out my images before I etch them, here is some of the planning so far for the first piece:

Sketchbook work on location
One of the many, many photos that enable me to work back in the studio

A discarded starting point

A second start, photocopied part way into the drawing

The image resolved
'In between path, the far end'
70 x 35cm
 Just need to do the etching now, and that will take a while...


Printed Material said...

All these paths you draw must have some significance Wendy? Good to hear MA degree show is coming along. Shall look forward to seeing the etching that evolves from these beautiful drawings.

Wendy Rhodes said...

to Printed Material: Thank you for your thoughtful comments. The significance of the paths? I love the shape, and the idea of journeying through the work... and I'm a Thursday child... I have far to travel!