Sunday, 25 March 2012

Developing drawing into print

A couple of posts ago I showed the development towards the drawing, 'In between path, the far end'. These drawings, translated into etching, are intended to be part of a series of four, from which the best three will form one half of my MA final show. Intentions are good, but I may not have time to make all four!

This drawing is the second view of the path - a mid point:

'In between path, mid point' graphite
and has formed the plan for a new etching. The image below is a sneaky preview. The first two stages of etching done I decided to try a monoprint on the plate to see how the shadows would work with the etched image so far:

etching and monoprint
Its an intriguing image, which will help me to decide what to do next. I'm enjoying the ability to experiment with images at different stages in the print room. There is a freedom in it. With drawing I feel more closely bound to the truth within the image in front of me, in the print room the image can mutate through many different states.

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Printed Material said...

There is something ethereal about that etching and monoprint Wendy. I love the haziness of it. Such beautiful marks from your experiments. What a degree show this promises to be for you.