Sunday, 20 January 2013

Charcoal Sketch of Coppiced Lime

Another foray into sketching with my new Nitram charcoal led me to working with my photos from Westonbirt of the 2000 year old lime. I thought the dramatic lines of the logs and stumps would suit charcoal well, but its proved harder than I thought. I've put the drawing away for a couple of weeks and looking at it again I can see some potential:

Coppiced lime - 1st state, Nitram charcoal

Hockney's charcoal sketches
But then I got my Hockney book out and looking at his drawings of felled trees makes me think that I need more tonal seperation. I'm not ready to give up on this one yet, there will need to be second chapter to this piece before its done.


Printed Material said...

I was reading about Drawn 2013 at the RWA today Wendy. I immediately thought of you and hope you will be submitting work? When it comes to drawing I know of no-one better.

Patricia G said...

Your charcoal drawing is a quite different atmosphere, light and emotion to Hockney's. Dramatic and devastated.

Wendy Rhodes said...

Thank you both of you for your comments, Lesley yes I have something up my sleeve for the RWA Drawn 2013, must get on with it! Patricia, you're right the atmosphere is very different so now I have to decide if it should be different?

Patricia G said...

I like the emotional impact your drawing has Wendy - responding to the time and place. Much of your work has been concerned with dark, stark limbs, shadows and reflections. Drawn to the dramatic :)