Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Reflection on the brook

I pass by this view of the brook that runs through my village most days. In the summer the grass and iris plants grow tall and lush, but in winter the structure of the trees and the path of the stream is easier to see, and the reflections become quite dramatic. What a contrast weather conditions can make to a view, a winters morning and a snowy frozen morning:

I have started a charcoal drawing of the scene, and thinking about how I love to see other peoples work develop in a step by step way, I decided to show this drawing as it progresses:

Marking out the structure
Adding a graphite wash

Building tones

Tonal correction to the middle distance
There are some branches and some serious work to do on the reflections, which I hope to show next post...


Printed Material said...

That long vertical really works compositionally and this post is a good reminder about looking afresh and something we see regularly. Seeing how those tones have been built up is fascinating.

Sue Brown said...

The difference the snow makes is magical. It is so interesting to see how you build up your images, watching process is fascinating.