Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rainy charcoal challenges

The New Year brings the promise of new work and looking at things with a new eye, maybe!
The weather has certainly had its influence on the way I've been looking at my landscape. Everywhere is so wet, either flooded or standing in water. Paths and places that I am familiar with are turned into streams, and are changing their shape. The work over the next few weeks will have a different feel... I'll have to get my head, and my pencils/charcoal around drawing water, good to have a new challenge.

A softly trodden path through trees which had a dreamy look in summer has taken on a new sodden character over the last month.

Interesting how some images contain very neat compositions within them isn't it.
An interesting irony that charcoal - made by fire/intnse heat - can capture water.


Patricia G said...

And such a dry medium too.
Nice contrasts in this work Wendy.
All the water and mud has made exploring more challenging but it was interesting to see transformations from the train today. I think some places won't be the same again.

Printed Material said...

With yesterday's news about the weather of 2012 and the future, I think getting familiar with drawing water is a good move. You use charcoal with such finesse Wendy and these are lovely renderings of a changing landscape.